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Incoming MAYOR




The responsibility of the Mayor is to ensure that all council members are encouraged to express their opinion, that everyone’s voice needs to be heard.  Each council member needs to know that their opinion is valued.


It is important that we as council members listen to all residents and bring their concerns forward.  We represent all residents not just those that we agree with or who have the same opinion as we do.

For All

We have been elected by the residents of Georgian Bluff.  It is not important to the residents that council members like each other, but that we work together respectfully in the best interests of the residents.

Making a Difference

I see the role of Mayor as that of one who serves council, staff and residents to create an environment that promotes the best decision making process is followed by council and staff on all issues to be sure the majority of residents are represented.

Wheat Field




I've had the pleasure of being on township council for 8 years and on County Council for 4 years.

Climate Change

I am a proud member of the Georgian Bluffs Climate Action Committee and am Chair of the Grey County Climate Change Task Force.


I'm a firm believer in education for council, to further our skills and expand our mindset on the concerns and issues at hand


As Deputy Mayor I have served on the Joint BioDigester Board of Management as well as the Intertownship Fire Department Board 


Chair of the former standing committee Finance and Recreation and Property.  Member of Grey Sauble Conservation Authority Board of Management and the Foundation Committee.  


A Strong supporter of our Recreation and Trails Master Plan, a plan that needs to be implemented and expanded upon.

Blue Pathway
"I will bring a different style of leadership to Georgian Bluffs council. I see the role of Mayor as that of one who serves council, staff, and residents to create an environment that promotes the best descision making process is followed by council and staff on all issues to be sure the majority of residents are represented."

Sue Carleton




Recreation & Trails Master Plan

The Recreation & Trails Master Plan needs to be implemented and expanded upon.  This needs to be a living document with timelines.  Further input is needed from residents, staff and council


What are the options for its continued operation.  Should it be the joint municipalities responsibility, are there other partners who could or should be included, what are the other options?

Heritage, culture and history

Create a record of the history of the various settlement areas in the township, have these accessible on the website through use of QR codes on signage.  Record the history of the local cemeteries, where are they, with record of burials – also available on the township website and easily accessible to interested persons.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan needs to have the timelines updated, does it reflect the current needs of the municipality?

New Official Plan

This needs to include rules and regulations for Short Term


Communication with residents

Communication with residents continues to be an area of concern.  How do we efficiently get messages out to the residents who have diverse ways of getting information?  In the past, many relied on the newspaper and radio but that is not true today, many are looking to social media for their information and need to be included.  We need to understand how our residents will access information in order to provide it in the formats and ways that they will use it without excluding anyone.

Development Charges Study

It's been eight years since the last report was presented.  Again is it relevant to the needs of the municipality now.

Climate Action Plan

How can we work with the county?  Do we need a specific plan of our own?  We need to continue exploring the needs and options of the municipality regarding agriculture needs, residential needs, how are we affecting our local environment now and into the future.

Succession planning

This needs to happen for staff and council.  How do we plan for the future needs of the municipality and ensure we have the qualified staffing in place.  How do we create an environment that creates loyalty to the township.  What training is needed for staff and council members to be sure each knows their role and responsibility.


Georgian Bluffs Events

October 25, 2022

The election is over and we have a great new group of people on Georgian Bluffs Council for the term 2022 to 2026, starting November 15th.  I am looking forward to working with all of them.

I will update this page to reflect what is happening in Georgian Bluffs as I can.  The inaugural meeting of the new council will be mid-November, I will post the date as soon as I can confirm it.

And I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me.  Your support means so much to me.  Now the work begins.

Please contact me or any of the council members with your concerns.  Let us know what you need from us.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Grant, Ryan, Cathy, Tobin, Mike and Rick.  I am looking forward to the next four years working with each of you.

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